16 May 2024

Channel 3 achieved success in “BEC Gets Active …. Badminton Camp” activity

BEC World Public Company Limited and Channel 3 organized “BEC Gets Active … Badminton Camp” for the employees to develop their badminton skills as the last training session on 15 May 2024. This activity was honored by Thai former national badminton players in the SEA Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games, namely Ladawan Mulasartsatorn, Vilailak Sattayapun, Soratja Chansrisukot and Thakul Jintanarumitr to teach sport skills from the fundamental to badminton techniques. In addition, the Company was honored by a guest trainer, Sujitra Eakmongkolpaisarn, Thai former national badminton player, to provided badminton techniques to participants.

            Many employees participated in this physical activity and they can implement their badminton skills to further develop their ability. At the event, the competition among the players was set and divided them with certain skills into teams, led by Mr. Charkrit Direkwattanachai, EVP-Corporate Affairs and Communications. In addition, Channel 3’s actor/actresses, namely, Mint - Ranchrawee Uakoolwarawat, Marilyn Kate Gardner, Franky - Weerapat Onsa-ard and Mil - Sarut Nawapraditkul were joined the activity.

            At the event, badminton courts at MEA Sport Center, Klong Toei District, were provided as a courtesy from Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA). Badminton shuttlecocks and YONEX sport shirts for the participants were supported by Fareast Speciality Company Limited.

BEC Group and Channel 3, as a leading mass media company, aim to be a part to leverage the power of sports to build soft power, to comply with the Policies of Government and Stock Exchange of Thailand, and the operation of other sports professional associations in order to inspire children and youth to increase participation in sports, and to maximize benefit for Thai society as a whole.