Global copyright licensing means various forms of using television content to generate revenue from abroad in various forms, including producing content jointly with foreign partners for both domestic and international broadcasting and creating positive and expansive awareness internationally.
In 2018, the company debuted licensing a simulcast broadcasting of Channel 3’s drama series, i.e., The Crown Princess was licensed to and broadcasted on Tencent Video (OTT Platform) in China. It has received over 280 million views and was ranked in top 5 of the most viewed Thai language content on the platform. The success of The Crown Princess has resulted in the expansion of other forms of business, such as production of contents, outsourcing and co-production of contents, event organizing, etc. In addition, the Company has entered into agreements with business alliances and various platforms both in Thailand and abroad in order to expand its market to a wider variety of international markets.
In 2020, global copyright licensing was obviously increased, generated more income to the Company as can be seen from the extension number of contents broadcasted overseas. The simulcast broadcasting in 2020 was up to 4 series on various platforms and reaching the audiences in various countries.