Music industry is a potential business for BEC as it is an opportunity to expand business with its current specialty. In order to reach the goal of being a Total Entertainment Company, the Company started BEC MUSIC, a music house under Channel 3 or BEC. The key aims for this inventiveness are to use music business to reach younger generation of audiences, who are both local and international fans; to extend line of business by employing BEC’s existing assets that are its celebrities, to perform more than acting; and, importantly, it is a way to boost capability of Channel 3 celebrities by shining their talents and outstanding characteristic to be real artist who can both act in a show and perform on stage.
BEC MUSIC tested the market by kicking off its first song since 2022, and it continued with four singles of another two artists in 2023. All singles, introduced in 2023, are welcome warmly by fans. The first artist was Taew Nattaporn, who released her first two songs ‘Baby Boo’ and ‘100%’, the launch embarked another side of Taew as a professional singer.
The next artist coming right after Taew is Bow Maylada with the two songs which are ‘Fan Pom Na Rak (My Cute Boyfriend)’ and ‘Nae Nam Hai Pen Fan Rao (Suggest You to be My Man)’. The two songs of Bow’s could make to 37 million views in a short period of time; Bow’s song and music video are also awarded from number of institutes.
Kaykai Slider is the latest artist in 2024 respectively with the song ‘Kor Jong Pee Wai Korn (I Reserve You for Mysel)f’ and ‘Kod Like Rua Rua (Tons of Likes)’; while the songs spread popularly in Tiktok and became viral immediately right after the launches.
BEC MUSIC formally launched the business to public on the 18th of May 2024 and announced its lineup of the artists in 2024 who are Amanda Chalisa Obdam, Ryu Vachirawich Watthanaphakdeephaisan, Smith Paswitch Boorananut, and the girl group who are Candy, Ami, Lisa, Neeya, and Jayna.