The Board of Directors of BEC Group supports optimal corporate governance performance and therefore has established written guidelines in good corporate governance principles and Code of Business Conduct to be upheld and strictly followed by the Board of Directors, executives and employees within the organization, including encouraging employees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other related laws.

The Board of Directors and executives must be role models in performing their duties on the basis of integrity, fairness, transparency, and accountability to build trust and reliability to stakeholders as well as build confidence among investors and raise the Company’s competitiveness to pave the way for efficient business operation and sustainable growth.

In addition, the Board of Directors has regularly considered and reviewed corporate governance policy and practice to ensure it is up-to-date and in line with current situation. Also, it is to ensure that corporate governance implemented by the organization is in line with the corporate governance principles for listed companies stated in the “CG Code 2017” recommended by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These principles are to be adopted according to the Company’s business nature.

The Company has prepared and disclosed the details of good corporate governance principles and practices in the form of 56-1 One Report/Annual Report 2021 on the Company’s website ( under Attachment 5: Corporate Governance Policy and Corporate Governance Practice Guidelines.

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  • Corporate Governance Policy and Corporate Governance Practice Guidelines