1. The Board of Directors has prescribed CG policy regarding shareholder rights and equal treatment to all shareholders as shown in clause 9.1 of Corporate Governance Policy.

Practically, the Board of Directors encourages the shareholder to exercise their rights by voting in the shareholder’s meeting, whether for the appointing or dismissing the director, the director’s compensation, the auditor appointing and compensation or the dividend payment. The shareholder is entitled to inquire the operation result, including inquiring about any development that might affect the Company. Previously, the number of local institutions investors and foreign investors who exercise their vote during the shareholder meeting is increasing gradually. In addition, many of the local institutions investors and foreign investors are frequently visiting the Management to inquire the investment and development policy of the Company. Furthermore, the Company also regularly held the analyst meeting after submitting financial statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand every quarter to clarify the additional information regarding the information disclosed in the financial statement, including information regarding business tendency to support the decision of shareholder and investor.

2. The internal department responsible for facilitating all shareholders: The Board of Directors has assigned the Investor Relations (“IR”) to assist and facilitate shareholders including to disclosing and providing information to shareholders. Shareholders and Investors can reach such information via the Company’s website “www.becworld.com” or if the shareholders would like to contact the company via IR and the company secretary, they can contact the Company via e-mail address: irbec@becworld.com. In addition, the shareholders can contact the Company via post or present themselves at the Company’s office, located at 8th Fl., Maleenont Tower, No. 3199, Rama IV Road, Klongton Sub-District, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110, Tel: 02 022 7427, Fax: 02 262 3264.
3. The disclosure of information and the contact: The disclosure of information shall be made thoroughly, equally and update, such information must provide sufficient, correct and complete information beneficial for their investment and decisions. After submitting information via the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s electronic system, the IR shall also disclose the information on its website, www.becworld.com. The information has been prepared in two versions i.e. Thai and English version for foreign shareholders. Channel for obtaining information of the Company: Besides those information provided in website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”), www.set.or.th, the shareholders and investors can also follow up such information via the company’s website; namely www.becworld.com.
4. The Company always gives priority to equal treatment to all shareholders, whether institutions investors or minority shareholder, both Thai and Foreign nationality, without discrimination. In addition, the Company has a policy to encourage all classes of shareholders to attend the meeting, exercising their voting right and giving comment in the shareholder meeting. In this regard, the Company prepared and sent invitation letters, supporting documents, and other documents explaining the required documents which the shareholders shall present prior to such meeting. There are two versions of documents i.e. Thai and English versions and to be sent to all shareholders in advance before the meeting date.
5. Due to the Spread of Covid-19 disease during March 2020, the Company was required to postpone the Annual General Meeting of 2020 to be held on 10 August 2020 and change the venue to Maleenont Tower, Rama IV Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok. The Company has facilitated shareholders to fully exercise their rights for attending and voting in the meeting. In no cases shall the Company do anything that would restrict the right to attend the meeting and vote. To illustrate, (1) The Company chose a meeting location in which is located in the center of the city, having the convenient transportation in order to facilitate the shareholders / proxies to travel and attend the meeting. (2) The Company has sent Proxy Form B and C, to facilitate the shareholders who could not attend the meeting to be able to exercise their voting right, to all shareholders together with an invitation letter. The proxy form enables the shareholders to vote in each agenda, especially for director appointment, the shareholders are able to vote, individually. The shareholders are entitled to assign other person as a proxy to attend the meeting or authorize independent directors whose names specified by the company as a proxy holder to vote on behalf of themselves. In this stage, the shareholders can send the filled and voted Proxy Form to the Company via post before the meeting date, which is not burden the shareholders too much. (3) As for the registration for attending the meeting, the Company has provided the computer system to assist the registration, attend the meeting and assess the voting result in each agenda. In addition, the Company also provided the voting ballot for the shareholders at the registration point for the convenient of the vote count.
6. The proposal of agenda and candidate director: Should any shareholders wish to propose the issue for shareholder meeting, including any suggestion, the name and detail of the person who they deemed to be qualified for the director position, including in case of the shareholder has the question regarding any agenda; they should propose the issue, question and the supporting information for consideration to The Board of Directors in advance before the meeting via website www.becworld.com or via post to the Company Secretary, located at 30th Fl., Maleenont Tower, No. 3199, Rama IV Road, Klongton Sub-District, Klogtoey District, Bangkok 10110, Tel: 02 262 3635, Fax: 02 262 3170. Upon receiving any proposal from the shareholder, the Company, by the Company’s Secretary, shall propose the said matter to the Company’s Board of Directors for consideration within meeting agenda in due time prior to the Board of Directors request for Annual General Shareholders Meeting (“AGM”). In case any shareholder proposes any agenda, the Company will receive and consider only agenda which related to the Company’s operation results and would be useful to all shareholders on the condition that such request is possible for the Board to comply and it is not contrary to laws and related regulations. Under such terms and conditions, the Company will add such request as meeting agenda, accordingly, including director opinion regarding such matter. In case the Board of Directors opines that such matter, proposed by shareholder is not related with the company’s business activities or useful for the sake of the shareholder or such request has too short period to consider, the Board of Directors will assign the Company Secretary to contact such shareholder to clarify the reason for refusal of such mater to be included in the agenda, or inform name of such candidate for acknowledgement of the shareholders meeting only. However, after allowing shareholders to propose additional meeting agendas, submit advance question, and nominate a candidate to be considered and elected as a director in the 2020 AGM, there was no agendas, questions, or candidate nomination from shareholders;