BEC Group is well aware that any forms of corruption can occur at any place and time. As public media, we commit ourselves to conduct our business on the basis of good corporate governance, transparency and accountability. Our stand point has also focused on anti-corruption of all forms and not supporting any businesses, groups or persons being involved in or having knowledge of seeking personal interest from abusive use of authority, either directly or indirectly.

We also commit ourselves to collaborate with and support government sector, civil society sector and private sector in preventing all forms of corruption to become a role model for the society and build confidence among all stakeholders.

The Board of Directors and management team of BEC Group recognize the importance of operating business by taking account the environmental, social, and governance aspects (ESG) in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and anti-corruption scheme as these factors to sustainably achieve business success. BEC Group has established and documented anti-corruption policy to ensure understanding and strict compliance among all executives and employees of the organization for prevention, detection, and response to any corrupt acts. On 19 March 2021, the Board of Directors approved the Anti-corruption Policy (Revision); Internal Control and Internal Audit Policy; Policy on Gift Giving, Hospitality, and other Expenses; Policy on Charitable Donation and Sponsorship; Political Support Policy; Human Resource Management Policy; Complaint and Suggestion Management Policy. In addition, a training session on the topic of anti-corruption policy and practices was held on 8 April 2021 to prepare the employees for joining Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC) and to demonstrate our commitment of conducting business on the basis of good corporate governance principles and anti-corruption in every form. The Board of Director has approved to join the CAC on 23 April 2021.

BEC Group has established and documented anti-corruption practices in BEC Group Code of Conduct under the topic “Anti-Corruption”, page 9, stating that “directors, executives, and all employees should have conscious mind against the dishonesty and corruption, and the internal control system has also been established to prevent all kinds of corruptions, extortion, accepting and/or giving bribe and incentive of any kind, except traditional giving or business entertainment, trade discount, and/or corporate sale promotion. For any anti-corruption training organized by the Company, employees are expected to regularly attend the said training to enhance their knowledge and understanding, as well as participate in testing their understanding on corruption.” These anti-corruption practices are disclosed among the directors, executives, and all employees as a guideline to ensure understanding and practice in the same direction across the organization and that the Company would strictly concern on the anti-corruption.

In addition, the Company provided knowledge and practice guideline concerning anti-corruption for all employees to ensure they have proper understanding and awareness as well as to ensure compliance with the anti-corruption policy. BEC Group also prepared circulars to the Chairman, Board of Directors as well as top management to communicate on how to promote good corporate governance and prevent any forms of corruption which concluded from the discussion session on “Strengthening Good Corporate Governance by Audit Committee and Independent Director: Experience from Fraud Cases” held on 29 September 2020 included case studies of corruptions happening around the world in hope to raise awareness on the importance of anti-corruption measures. The Company also communicated on raising awareness and giving importance on Blackout Period Policy as well as compliance with the said policy as a reminder that all listed companies must have in place the policy, practice, and method for protecting the directors and executives to prevent any unlawful use of internal information, as well as monitoring and ensuring strict compliance with the said policy and practice.

Furthermore, the Company has disclosed “Anti-Corruption Schemes of BEC Group” and Corruption Risk Assessment of BEC Group, including related news and information to raise public awareness on corruption issues that occurred in Thai society on website for investors, shareholders, and interested parties so that they can keep up with the Company’s anti-corruption performance. These information are updated on regular basis.

Apart from operating its business on basis of anti-corruption, the Company also took part in various activities of other organizations having similar concept of anti-corruption as the Company. On 9 September 2020, the Company attended a meeting to listen to opinions of the Parties of the National Moral Assembly, Moral Promotion Center (Public Organization) under the Ministry of Culture which plays a vital role in promoting and driving social network to develop morals appropriate for the Thai society. The session was held under topic “Morals and Solving Crisis in Thai Society”. At the event, media organization network jointly brainstormed their opinions on moral crisis in Thai society and solutions, including giving suggestions on the issue/how to move forward the National Moral Assembly in the future.

In 2020, Channel 3 was presented with “NACC Award 2020” for outstanding TV programs namely TV dramas titled Kaew-Klang-Dong, Kao-Wan-Hai-Noo-Pen-Sai-Lub, Talad-Sod-Phra-Ram-Si: Rasamekae Making 13 Herbal Spicy Salad Episode and Pinto Antoine Selling Sandwiches Episode, Luang Ta Mahachon: Cunning Episode. The event was organized by Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (ONACC) with aim to support and recognize individual, a group of individuals or organization having participated in supporting or promoting the prevention and suppression of corruption by creating media content that foster morality as well as prevention and suppression of corruptions.