1. Broadcasting and Media business

TV Business

  1. Analogue Terrestrial TV - Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd. (“Bangkok”), a subsidiary company, operates Thai TV Channel 3, a terrestrial analog system in nationwide free to air television in analog network under the concession agreement with MCOT Public Company Limited.
  2. Digital Terrestrial TV (“DTTV”), National Business Service category, - BEC Multimedia Co., Ltd. (“BECM”), a subsidiary company of BEC World, won an auction for Licenses to use Allocated Frequencies for National Commercial Digital Television Services, from National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”), which is
    • High-Definition Variety Category “3 HD Channel on channel 33”,
    • Standard-Definition Variety Category “3 SD Channel on channel 28” and
    • Standard-Definition for Kids and Family Category “3 Family Channel on channel 13”.

    The said 3 licenses are for the period of 15 years, starting from 25 April 2014 to 24 April 2029. In this regard, Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd. has made a settlement agreement with National Broadcasting Commission “NBC” in the presence of the Central Administration Court on 8 October 2014 that, in order to support national and NBC’s policy to change broadcasting system from Analog system to Digital system and to be in conform with the practice of all other Analog television operators, NBC authorized and approved BECM and Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd. to make a simulcast broadcasting, using Ch 3 analog to distribute simultaneously with Ch 33 HD digital channel. The said simulcasting is the same way as those of Ch 7 and Ch 9, which is “Real Time Pass Through” with 33 HD digital channel. The NBC meeting on 10 October 2014 already approved the amended program schedule of Ch 33 HD and Ch 33 HD has begun the simulcasting broadcasting of Ch 33 HD with Ch 3 since 10 October, 2014 onward.

  3. Subscribed TV broadcasting: BEC World Group pays attention to subscribed TV broadcasting to broadcast its signal to viewer in nationwide and worldwide by already broadcasted its TV program to Japan and U.S.A, including looking for additional new business alliance in various countries.

Radio Broadcasting

Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd. operates MCOT radio station FM frequency 105.5MHz. You & I Corporation Co., Ltd. operates FM frequency FM 95.5 MHz, whereby BEC-TERO Radio Co., Ltd. is responsible for sale of air time and giving advice regarding program development.

New Media

i.e., internet and mobile phone related businesses, operated by BECi Corporation Ltd. We also look for opportunity to operate satellite TV business through Bangkok Satellite & Telecommunication Co., Ltd. and Satellite TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

2. Program sourcing – Production, Distribution and supporting business
  • Entertainment and Documentary Program Sourcing Production and Distribution
    Operated by BEC World Public Co., Ltd., Rungsirojvanit Co., Ltd., New World Production Co., Ltd., Bangkok Television Co., Ltd., TVB 3 Network Co., Ltd., BEC International Distribution Co., Ltd. and BEC-TERO Entertainment Plc. BEC News Bureau Co., Ltd. provides news for broadcasting on radio and television, including selling some certain BEC’s news to other news stations. In addition, Forever BEC-TERO Co, Ltd. also source and produce program for broadcasting in Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Production of Variety Shows, content and Promotional campaign activities
    Operated by BEC-TERO Entertainment Plc. Live Nation BEC-TERO Entertainment Co., Ltd., conducts business relating to foreign artist concert business in Thailand. BEC-TERO Scenario Co., Ltd. conducts business relating to musical play. Thai Ticket Major Co., Ltd. provides public relations activities and advertising services, as well as ticket sales (shows and bus tickets). BEC-TERO Myanmar Co., Ltd. provides shows ticket sale and reservation services, entertainment activity services and the sale of music and program products in Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Extended and Supporting Businesses
    BEC IT Solution Co., Ltd., provides information technology services. BEC Asset Co., Ltd. provides asset management and leases. BEC Broadcasting Center Co., Ltd. provides broadcasting facilities services. In addition, there is a plan to provide a wide range of production services, including TV studio and equipment for rental and post-production services by BEC STUDIO Co., Ltd. In the year 2017, BEC-Tero Entertainment [BEC-Tero] jointly invested with The Show DC Entertainment Corp, Establishment of associate company “BEC-Tero Show Co., Ltd.” It operates the management of venues and services, arranges tickets and tickets for the concert, entertainment, sports and the show.

The main revenue of the BEC Group in the year 2017 was mainly from advertising income, which was mainly from the sales of from TV commercials. Other significant sales revenue are incomes from copyright and other services mainly from income from entertainment activities arrangement, right to use our programs, movies and dramas (soap-opera) for sale of VCD/DVD within the country, income from right to broadcast contents in foreign countries; service fees from selling show tickets and selling bus tickets; revenue from Mobile Entertainment; other services etc., and lastly revenue from concerts and shows. (Based on the 2560 revenue structure.)

In response to the increasing competition after the introduction of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) and the changes in advertising environment in the Digital Disruption era. The Company has a strategic direction on building and maintaining a sustainable business with competitive edge with the detail as follows.

1. Strengthening the Core: To maintain the competitiveness of the current core business in the challenging environment by focusing on

  • Strengthening the Organization
    • Organization Enhancement/Restructuring.
    • Recruiting of skilled and experienced people to work with the Company, at all level (from operational level to management level), which will open a new perspective and eventually strengthen the Company in the long run.
    • Work process enhancement.
    • BEC Newshawk Program, a program to seek for new expertise reporter, whom can search, produce, and present the news content by oneself. A new model to generate news content which is accuracy, fast, and meeting with viewers expectation.
  • Increase Rating
    • Customer Centric Contents.
    • Attractive and more concise content.
    • A diverse range of creative content.
    • Pickup on trends and new customer/consumer requirements via inhouse research analysis.
    • Program scheduling - adjustment of programs in each channel for clearer targeted audience and best-fit program to meet customers with diverse needs.
    • Increasing new and existing audience bases by promoting through social media, celebrity media, influencer and events.
    • Adjust advertising strategy to meet different targets for agencies and non-agencies customers, with new attractive sales package, suitable for each customer.

2. Digital Transformation and Growth Platform: Monetization from existing and new business, from both domestically and internationally, which is growing and offering good returns.

  • Expanding new markets domestically, by having more access channels for viewer through mobile applications, website via the Company’s own platform and partnership platforms. This allows the audience to enjoy the convenience of watching the contents of the Company and reaching out to younger audiences.
  • Expanding internationally by building partnerships with major Broadcasting companies in country, to reach out to large audiences, reduce copyright infringement, and create opportunities to do business abroad including sales of content, simulcast broadcasting, on-ground events of celebrities and sales of merchandise in each country.
  • Creating new products for viewers and business partners. The company is committed to be a socially and environmentally sustainable organization, as well as good corporate governance and good governance.

As of 27 February 2018, the Media Agency Association of Thailand (MAAT) forecasts that the trend of the overall advertising expenditure in 2018 is improving due to the recovery of economy from both government and business sectors, as well as the upcoming the 2018 FIFA World Cup. However, the advertising expenditure in 2018 will increase by only 4%, or a total of Baht 120,912 Million. This growth is not as much as 2015 which is deemed to be the period with significant growth to the industry. Nevertheless, the industry’s growth in 2016 and 2017 is minus 10% and 4%, accordingly.

In 2018, the total advertising on television (digital TV, cable TV and satellite TV) will grow by 4% or Baht 68,492 Million, whereby advertising via television still holds the largest share of advertising spending at about 57% of the total market. Moreover, spending of internet media is still growing at 25% with total spending of Baht 14,722 Million or 12% share of the total advertising expenditure. Out-of-home media is expected to grow at 10% as people spend more time outside their homes and mass transit media is expected to grow by 15% due to the expansion of mass transit transportation. In the same sense, expenditure in cinemas is expected to grow by 25%. However, newspaper, radio and magazines still continue to decline.

There are various adjustment regarding BEC Group business direction in 2018 to focus in creating and maintaining a competitive edge in response to the increasing competition after the introduction of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV).

  • Strengthening the organization by restructuring the organization, recruiting of skilled and experienced personnel, looking at new perspective, improving work process and strengthening efficiency of the Company news reporting;
  • Creating and developing new contents to increase rating. For instance, rescheduling the Program schedule to be clearer, adjusting of contents, arranging for analysis team that specializes in finding the needs of viewers, as well as changing of strategy to create diversity of advertising sale channels to increase both current and new audiences base; and
  • Expanding business by seeking opportunities in new platform to generate revenue from both the existing and new businesses, domestically and internationally, that is still growing and can create good returns.