BEC considers “Investor Relations”, one of the company’s key front-line functions that has high interaction with investment community and public at large, as a company’s spokesperson not only to ensure investors’ confidence in the company’s business operations, but also to promote the company’s Good Corporate Governance by means of its ethical disclosure and all of its acts adhering to the code of conduct for all Investor Relations personnel as follows:
  • Perform duties with integrity and in a professional manner
  • Disclose sufficient information by considering stakeholders’ benefit, rights, and fair treatment
  • Ensure that relevant stakeholders are able to access and inquire for necessary information
  • Confidential information and any inside information for personal benefits are strictly prohibited
  • Conduct regular update to refresh wider knowledge, rules and regulations to enhance IRO’s effectiveness
  • Silent period for 14 calendar days before the announcement date (IROs should not conduct any meeting with investor or analyst 14 calendar days before the announcement date)
  • IROs are prohibited to trade the company's stock at least one month before the announcement date until 1 calendar day after the announcement date