Human Rights Management Approach

BEC Group realizes that human rights are the fundamental rights and freedom to all people. Therefore, BEC Group emphasized the practice of human rights throughout its value chain with equal and fair actions and non-discrimination to any persons, i.e., aspects, races, religions, genders, ages, nationalities, and any socio status, because everyone is entitled to be respected and undiscriminated. However, social change and current trends have continuously impacted the human rights issue. BEC Group, as a mass media operator, foresaw the challenges of human rights management in Thailand and around the world such as social inequalities, violations, human rights violations, exploitations of child labor and forced labor, and freedom in communication. Thus, we continuously report news that related to human rights to motivate people to see the importance of human rights, the dangers of human rights delinquency, the equal creation to access data included, as “Up to date, trendy, understanding all news, and reaching out to everyone” motto. So, people throughout Thailand were able to access accurate and reliable news, we also inserted the human rights contents in drama series as well.

Corporate Human Rights Performance

Regarding the company operation, BEC Group has supported and respected the human rights, and the business operation conducted according to the principles and the intention as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) within the company’s authorization and not to involve any human violation. Furthermore, the company has complied with the guidelines to treat employees properly in compliance with labor laws, rules, regulations and requirements, as well as the human rights related guideline or rules, namely, equal opportunities, the employee rights and freedom to join association, unforced labor, non-exploitation of child labor, as shown in the Code of Conduct and distributed to committee, executives, and employees to practice in the same direction.

Moreover, there were news presentation relating to human rights through various news programs of Channel 3 throughout the year.