The year 2023 is considered a year following the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, which wrought severe impacts on the economy, society, and the environment. BEC World Public Company Limited (“BEC Group” or “the Company”) strategically adjusted its business to sustain its competitiveness and continue to operate with profitability. The Company runs the business flexibly to be able to adapt itself to the situation and find new business opportunities that aligns with good governance and caring for environment and society.

BEC Group is committed to be a leading content creator in Thailand, playing the role of responsible mass media that contributes to Thai society. The Company presents valuable contents, which are news, information, variety shows, and dramas to meet the needs of viewers of all genders and ages, both domestically and internationally, across all platforms. Even though the viewing behavior has been changing from watching contents from television devices to access contents through online media that is easier, the main contents that viewers watch are still TV contents. Regardless of the viewing channel, viewers can choose to watch the program they want without limitations on channels and time.

The Company operates its business with the aim of expanding “Channel 3 beyond just TV”. It leverages its strengths across various content areas to make revenues from both new media and global markets. This is achieved through the adoption of the Single Content Multiple Platforms approach, where once the content is produced, it can broadcast more than one time and earn revenue from various platforms, both domestically and internationally. This strategy adds value to the content. In addition, the Company has developed the online viewing platform, 3Plus, which is an Official Platform offering both free viewing and a subscription type called 3Plus Premium. 3Plus Premium members will receive many special privileges, such as watching exclusive clips from dramas or featuring actors that cannot be seen anywhere else, as well as participating in exclusive activities with their favorite actors, which are only available to members.

BEC Group has also present news that is both interesting and adheres to media ethics. This involves making Channel 3's news program the preferred choice for viewers and accelerating the development of news personnel while enhancing the quality of its news programs. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that Channel 3's dramas continue to lead the industry. Additionally, Channel 3's dramas are promoted as a significant aspect of Thailand's soft power. We are also producing variety programs that add vibrancy and entertainment for our viewers.

As a mass media, the commitment to social and environmental responsibility is concretely showcased through the delivery of quality programming and dramas. These broadcasts incorporate ideas that not only entertain but also benefit society, inspiring and encouraging viewers towards positive actions, along with entertainment creation such as news segments that spotlight social and environmental issues, drawing the public’s attention and spurring them towards action, as well as dramas that provide valuable insights on becoming a better individual in society and advocating for environmental awareness. The impact from these programs and dramas is validated by the numerous achievements and awards over the past year, with notable examples including Love Destiny 2, To the Moon and Back, or Royal Doctor, etc.

BEC Group recognizes that conducting business with social and environmental responsibility, coupled with effective management, and commitment to meeting the expectations of stakeholders throughout the Company's value chain, can lead the organization to sustainable success. The Company's Policy for Sustainable Development serves as a guiding principle for the actions of directors, executives, and employees. Moreover, the Company has also organized activities involving volunteer employees to contribute to communities and environmental development, called “Channel 3 Volunteer,” focusing on environmental activities aimed at raising awareness of “solid waste separation for recycling” and “participation in forest conservation,” which are greatly emphasized by the Company. The Company has also strived to instill a sense of social responsibility among its employees, fostering a commitment to creating benefits for society as a whole.

In conclusion, on behalf of the BEC Group, all directors and I would like to express our gratitude to the executives and employees who have driven the business to achievement, including shareholders, stakeholders in every sector, government agencies, civil society, the private sector, and all relevant parties who have always supported the operations of the BEC Group. I sincerely hope that the dedication and sincerity in operating on the basis of good corporate governance, along with consideration for society and the environment, will lead the BEC Group to grow alongside Thai society in a sustainable manner.

Mr. Chatchai Thiamtong

Acting President of TV Business