BEC Group demonstrates transparency in its complaints handling by determining a clear process and management for reporting complaint/whistleblowing from the stakeholders and employees.

We also have in place protection for the complainant/whistleblower who reports any illegal or immoral action, any misconduct, misleading financial reports or defective internal system, violation of human rights, and anti-corruption to minimize potential social risk that may impact the business of the Company and potential conflicts that may arise. The details are as follows:


The complainant or whistle blower can report a complaint in writing and submit it together with documented evidence to the provided channels. Any information gained from complaints/whistleblowing shall be treated as confidential and any information relating to the identity of the complainant/whistleblower and information sources shall not be disclosed unless required by law. Channels for submitting complaints/whistleblowing are as follows:

  • “Whistleblowing Channel” available on website ( and through which all information will be directly sent to the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee and President.
  • By sending a letter directly to the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee of BEC World Public Company Limited address at 3199 Maleenont Tower, Rama IV Road, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110.

The department assigned by the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee and/or President will collect evidence and propose them to the President, the Audit and Risk Committee, and the Board of Directors to appoint a working team for screening, monitoring and investigating facts within 15 working days or 5 working days in urgent cases.


The working team investigate the evidence and propose the results to the Audit and Risk Committee and President within 15 working days.


The Audit and Risk Committee verifies the evidence and seek measures to respond to the complaint and to prevent damages as well as preventive measures and report the results to the Board of Directors within 10 working days.


The Board of Directors acknowledged the results and approved the defined preventive measures or actions within 5 working days after the resolution of the Audit and Risk Committee.

The Board of Directors shall ensure that the Company has a mechanism to receive complaint and operation in receiving complaints, as well as disclose the process and channel of receiving on the Company’s website as follows:

You can also attach your information here (PDF, DOC):