25 January 2024

BEC Celebrities Helped Rasing Fund for Ramathibodi Hospital

Alek Teeradetch Metavarayuth and Amanda Obdam, from the drama ‘Exes & Missus’ that is coming for attraction and will premiere on TV Channel 3 soon, joined an activity to raise fund to build new hospital building for Ramathibodi Hospital; as the new building will be for helping a big number of patients in need and regular patients.  Alek and Amanda were taping a clip to publicize and to encourage people to donate money to help Rama hospital. Though the government has supported the hospital, but the budget was never enough for building such a huge and modern estate like this. The hospital needs help from people who are able to support. 
The donation can do at Bangkok Bank number 090-3-50015-5; K Bank number 879-00448-3 , and SCB number 026-3-05216-3; for more information, please call 02 202 1111 or www.ramafoundation.or.th