21 December 2023

Channel 3 Celebrities Joined Thai Red Cross Fair

The Thai Red Cross Fair is an annual event organized by the Thai Red Cross Society, one of the most prominent humanitarian organizations in Thailand. The fair aims to raise funds for various charitable activities and promote awareness about the society's work. This year fair is for celebration of the 100th year of Thai Red Cross. The event was held at Lumpini Park on Rama 4 Bangkok, in December 2023.

One popular highlight of the fair is the lucky draw, where visitors have the chance to win exciting prizes. Additionally, there are booths set up to provide information about the Thai Red Cross Society's projects, services, and volunteer opportunities. On 14th-15th December, many charitable booths were joined by Channel 3 celebrities, whose appearances can very entertain the visitors and help even more participation and donation at the booths. Channel 3 has supported the fair continuously by donation, communicating the event, and having its celebrities to join and to entertain the event. It is believed that the donation in each charitable booth (buying ticket for lucky draw) was higher when Channel 3 celebrities appeared.