21 September 2023

BEC World Celebrities Helped Raising Donations on the Mahidol Day

Mahidol Day is a commemorative day in Thailand that is celebrated on September 24th each year. It honors the contributions and achievements of Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, who is considered the "Father of Modern Medicine and Public Health" in Thailand. On Mahidol Day, various activities and events are organized to pay tribute to his legacy and promote awareness of his significant contributions, including donation by buying the Mahidol Flag.

BEC World PLC. or Channel 3 continues to be part of supporters to this day. This years a number of Channel 3 celebrities, who are Nadech Kugimiya , Kimberley Anne Woltemas , Lena Lorena  , Phet Thakrit , Pop Thatchathon , Namtarn Pichukkana and March Chuthavuth, volunteered to raise awareness of the campaign, and encouraged people to buy Mahidol flag as the money would go to support underprivileged patients at Sirirat Hospital. The big day of the donation is on 22nd of September.