13 September 2023

Channel 3 organized “Channel 3 Asa-Thamdee: Change Lottery to Merit” and Learn the Way of Efficient Waste Management

On September 12, 2023, BEC World Public Company Limited and Channel 3 led by Mr. Charkrit Direkwattanachai, EVP-Corporate Affairs & Communications, along with the executive, volunteer staff, and actors from “Be Mind Superstar” Series, Wayo-Peerawat Sareewong and Kok-Parinya Angsanan, participate in “Channel 3 Asa-Thamdee: Change Lottery to the Merit” activity to delivered lottery tickets collected by volunteers staff of BEC Group to Koh Klang Community, Khlong Toei District in order to recycle into sandalwood flowers for poor people who died, and flowers offer to the Buddha status. The income from the sale go to the elderly of the community.

Koh Klang Community is a model community which has successfully fulfilled its “zero waste to landfill” commitment. In this regard, Mrs. Churairat Khrueaphimai, the Leader of Koh Klang Community Enterprise, led the participants to viist the recycle waste management learning center of the community, i.e. recycled lottery tickets, plant pots recycled from plastic bottle caps, biogas which can be used for cooking, soap from used cooking oil. The objectives of waste management are to help boost the efficiency of waste sorting at the source, promote the use of resource, and generate income in the community. Channel 3 strives to be an organization which support efficient waste management and hope everyone takes a broad-based approach in a sustainable manner.

Those interested in efficient waste management can contact via Facebook: Koh Klang Community Enterprise or call Mrs. Churairat Khrueaphimai (Aew) 089 659 1539