27 May 2024

BEC Volunteer Staff Planted Mangrove Trees to Boost Ecosystem

On 25 to 26 May 2024, BEC World Public Company Limited and Channel 3 led by Mr. Charkrit Direkwattanachai, EVP – Corporate Affairs & Communications, together with executives and volunteer employees joined the activity to raise awareness on the importance of marine and costal ecosystem at Thai Island and Sea Nature History Museum, Sattahip District, Chon Buri Province. RAdm. Anan Surawan Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, RTF also joined the activity.

The Naval Special Warfare Command, Royal Thai Fleet (SEAL) has been assigned by the Thai Royal Navy to directly supervising the work of the Museum, has a mission to grow mangrove trees as pioneer plant to protect coastal areas from erosion and it is beneficial for land and marine life, lead to abundance in ecosystems. However, the surrounding area is a coastline with many rocks, strong winds, high sea levels and low in nutrients, causing survival and growth rate of mangrove trees are only 7-10 percent. Therefore, SEAL has assigned Lieutenant Suphrawut Chuchatjaroenpon, who is the first person of the Country to plant mangrove trees by using asbestos cement pipes which the resulting growth rate is increasing to more than 90 percent. The method is to embed asbestos cement pipes in the coast during low tide, then add soil and fertilizer before planting the mangrove trees. This is the chance to increase the growth of mangrove trees and maintain a balanced ecosystem, create habitat and food sources of marine life and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.

At the event, the participants also join the beach cleanup activity by collecting the waste on the Nam Sai Beach, tourist attraction of Sattahip District, where the quantity of waste produced by the tourists is increased. The participants are aware of the marine debris which can raise consciousness of marine and coastal conservation, finally lead to concrete action.

Apart from environmental activities, the participants also visited Space Inspirium, Thailand’s first space museum and learning center that gives the visitors the experience of exploring the world of space and Geographic Information.

This activity is supported by ‘Champion’ garbage bags, ‘LACTASOY’ quality soybean milk, ‘Mali’ UHT Milk and drinking water. Channel 3, as a leading mass media company, plays important role in environmental conservation and continuously organizes environmental activities which aims to be a part of the environmental conservation and maximizes benefit for Thai Society.