25 กรกฎาคม 2540


Report on Acquisition or Disposition of Securities of B.E.C. World Plc. (BEC) 1. Date of filing :July 18, 1997 2. The purpose of this report is (/) to comply with section 246 of the Securities and Exchange Commission B.E. 2535 ( ) to correct or amend the previous report dated __________ 3. Date of the acquisition or disposition : July 11, 1997 4. This is a report of ( ) an acquisition (/) a disposition of the securities of BEC which is (/) a company whose securities are listed on the SET ( ) a company whose securities are listed on an over-the -counter center established under section 204 (OTC) ( ) a public limited company 5. Name of the person(s) making the acquisition or disposition (state name, current address and telephone number) Mr. Prasan Maleenonda 80/1417 Moo 5, Tambon Bang Mueng Yai Amphur Mueng, Samuthprakarn Province 6. Type of securities being acquired or disposed of (/) shares ( ) warrants representing the right to purchase shares exercise ratio is 1 unit :..........share(s) ( ) other securities which may be converted into shares (state type)..................... conversion ratio is 1 unit :..........share(s) 7. Number of securities being acquired is 4,042,600 shares repesenting 2.02 per cent of total outstanding securities. 8. The acquisition or disposition under item 7 was a result of: An acquisition ( ) a purchase on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) ( ) a purchase on an OTC market ( ) an acquisition of shares through the right exercising of warrants or conversion of rights under other securities ( ) a purchase of new shares ( ) other Disposition ( ) a sale to the offerer in a tender offer (/) a sale on the SET ( ) a sale on an OTC market ( ) others In case of a share disposition of 5 per cent or more over the total number of shares sold, state name of buyer (If known): - 9. Number of securities held after the disposition is 18,797,400 shares representing 9.40 percent of total outstanding securities. 10.(In the case of an acquisition) state the highest price per unit paid during the previous 90 days and include the date of acquisition stated in no.3. Price : ....Baht/unit which was the price on...... 11. Name of the person filing the report (state name, current address and telephone number, and whether or not the report is filed on behalf of the person(s) in no.5. 12.(In the case of an acquisition giving rise to an obligation to make a tender offer for all the securities under Part l of the SEC's Notification of Rules, Conditions and Procedures for the Acquisition of Securities in a business take over dated March 6, B.E.2538) ( ) A tender offer for all securities will be jointly made with .... .................... or ( ) The shares acquired will be disposed of as stipulated by the SEC, and the holder promises not to exercise his voting rights. or ( ) A waiver from the reqirement to make a tender offer has been obtained from the office of the SEC as per its lelter ref.......dated..... .................. or ( ) A waiver from the requirement to make a tender offer has been obtained from the Office of the SEC as approved by the shareholders in a shareholders meeting on (date).................................... (Mr. Prasan Maleenonda) Reporters