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BEC World Plc (BEC) reported reviewed quarterly financial statements as follows: Ending March 31, Quarter 1 For 3 months Year 1997 1996 1997 1996 Net profit (loss) 544,828 379,523 544,828 379,523 EPS (baht) 2.72 2.11 2.72 2.11 Comment: 1. Please see details in financial statements, auditor's report and remarks from Public SIMS BEC clarified the reasons of its over 43 percent increases of net profit as follows: 1. Revenues from advertizing sales raised due to the adjustment of advertizing time price rate since the fourth quarter last year. In addition, the said utilization rate was better. 2. Revenues from interest receivables also surged because of capital increase in Q2/1996 and higher cash acquired from operating results.