13 พฤศจิกายน 2539


BEC World Plc. (BEC) clarified reports published in some newspapers dated today (Nov 13) which said Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BEC who operates Channel 3 TV, would invest Bt5 billion to construct a new office and operation-base building on Rama 9 Road. BEC explained that the mentioned construction used to be a plan of the company, in which it would buy the piece of land for the construction as stated in the prospectus. However, the company has no more interest in developing the piece of land, and the development has now been under personal interest of the company's shareholder. The company has not made any agreement on the lease of the land so far. If there is any agreement, the company will make an immediate notice to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). As for the joint investment in Asian Sport Network Co (ASN), the company is presently conducting a study on the project and is discussing with TV operators in this region. The joint venture has not yet been established. The company will make report to SET once any definite agreement is made. Translated by The Nation