Sustainable Development Policy

BEC Group understands that all business operations must take into account environmental and social responsibilities together with compliance with the principles of good corporate governance to drive business toward achieving sustainability.

The term “sustainability” is defined not only as period of time but also to have strong foundation while firmly moving forward alongside the Thai society. The Stock Exchange of Thailand encourages all listed companies to consider conducting business with sustainability by incorporating environmental, social, and governance aspects (ESG). Hence, Sustainable Development Committee has been set up to oversee and move forward sustainable development policy and practice of BEC Group in efficient and transparent manner. Sustainable Development Committee consists of the management of each division, totaling 11 members, and President of TV Business Unit as committee chairman. In addition, a working group has been selected and appointed by Sustainable Development Committee to represent each relevant division to ensure compliance with corporate social and environmental policy.

Sustainable Development Committee Structure

Sustainable Development Committee consists of the management of each division, totaling 11 members as follows:

  1. President of TV Business Unit (Committee Chairman)
  2. Executive Vice President - Production Office
  3. Executive Vice President - Corporate Affairs Office
  4. Executive Vice President - Finance and Accounting Office
  5. Executive Vice President - Programming Office
  6. Senior Vice President - Management Office
  7. Vice President - News Office
  8. Vice President - Internal Audit Office
  9. Acting Vice President - Human Resources Office
  10. Company Secretary Assistant
  11. Manager - Public Relations Office (Secretary)
Responsibilities of Sustainable Development Committee
  1. Determining sustainable development policy, strategy, and goal of BEC World Public Company Limited in terms of social and environmental aspects.
  2. Overseeing, monitoring, and assessing corporate sustainable development performance.
  3. Issuing orders and announcements related with sustainable development.
  4. Appointing Sustainable Development Working Group consisting of representatives from each relevant division to be responsible for business operations that create positive social and environmental impacts to ensure compliance with the established corporate goals.
Social and Environmental Policy

BEC Group has established Social and Environmental Policy to provide a guideline of practice and build understanding among the executives, employees, and relevant parties to ensure the same practice standard throughout the organization. Social and Environmental Policy of BEC Group became effective on 22 December 2020 and comprises of the following details:

  1. Social and environmental protection is the responsibility of all directors, employees, and relevant parties of BEC Group.
  2. Support corporate environmental practices that are in line with relevant environmental standards and regulations to minimize environmental impact.
  3. Present news, information, and content through TV programs across various platforms to promote moral and ethics as well as fostering environmental protection awareness.
  4. Perform work by considering potential social and environmental risks resulting from business operation.
  5. Establish good relationship and become reliable for the Thai society as a whole, including promoting better life quality and basic rights of the Thai people.
  6. Conduct business with accountability toward labor within the scope of Thai law.
  7. Promote volunteer spirit among employees and encourage them to take part in community development.