BEC Group drives its business on the basis of human rights respect by treating all employees equally and fairly. We refrain from doing anything that may unfairly violate the human rights or derogate the rights of employees.

Our employees are not discriminated in terms of employment, remuneration and welfare, and without restricting their basic rights regardless of their gender, nationality, social status, economic status, and religious beliefs. We also ensure everyone can work together as a team despite their age differences under mutual respect and in spite of their differences. The Company also allows its employees to demonstrate their capabilities and share their views creatively under the scope of law and regulations, including accepting the opinions, suggestions, and complaints from employees via website www.becworld.com under topic “Complaint Acceptance of BEC Group”.

In addition, BEC Group strictly complies with the BEC Group Code of Conduct which specifies about human rights under clause 10. Employees’ Right to Freedom of Association which states that the company shall respect the rights and freedom of the employees and shall not prohibit them from becoming a representative and/or joining the activities carried out by the labor union and other labor organizations under the scope of law. In addition, clause 11. Forced Labor also states that the Company shall employ only those who are willing to work for the Company, clause 12. Child Laborwhich states that the Company shall not employ any child labor under the age of 15 or below the age of compulsory education or minimum age stated by law and shall not allow any employees under the age of 18 to perform hazardous works, and clause 13. “To act in compliance with the company’s policy on supporting and respecting human rights and to operate business in accordance with the principles and intention stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the Company’s scope of authority and shall not participate in any activities that are in violation of human rights.”

At BEC Group, we strongly believe that everyone has their own capabilities and values regardless of their status and has therefore provided financial support to help build career opportunities for the disabled by working together with the Social Innovation Foundation, an organization which supports local employment of disabled group to improve their quality of life in sustainable manner. This includes Wheelchair Clinic for producing and repairing wheelchairs for the disabled, sewing wheelchair seats and seats for the disabled, organic farming, local textiles production, integrated farming, etc. These activities not only help to generate income for the disabled but also promote a sense of pride among the disabled.

In 2020, BEC Group provided career opportunities for the disabled by employing 12 disabled persons to work on 3 projects, totaling the value of THB 1,349,040, instead of contributing to the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Fund.