17 May 2024

BEC Lunched MUSIC Business to Serve T-POP Industry.

BECcover (8).jpg
BEC World or Channel 3 creatd es a phenomenon in the entertainment industry by driving to music business, BEC MUSIC, to gather T-Pop audiences targets, both Thai and international fans. Shining Channel 3 actors who have potential in singing and dancing to be out of acting framework and uplevel to be a real "artist". BEC Music is led by Ms. Pinkamon Maleenont, one of executive's BEC World Public Company Limited.

Although BEC MUSIC is a new record label, it kicked off with the first five popular singles and received ewarm welcoming from music fans. Starting in 2022, "Taew Natapohn Tameeruk" takes with the singles "BABYBOO" and "100%". Later in 2023, the songs "Cute" and "Be my boyfriend" by "Maylada Susri (Bow)" became hit songs, charting on every radio station and wining various music awards. And the latest " Nutticha Namwong (Kaykai)" with the song "Korjong Pee Waikon" (I reserve you for myself) which became a trend on social media also.

The music label BEC MUSIC, now ready to create an important phenomenon for the music entertainment industry.