28 August 2023

Channel 3 Won Two Awards from Content Asia awards 2023

The ContentAsia Awards 2023 is an annual awards ceremony to recognize and celebrate excellence in the Asian content industry. It honors outstanding achievements in various categories, including Asian dramas, TV programs, series, and films. The awards highlight the best content produced in Asia and aim to promote and showcase the region's diverse and innovative storytelling. The winners are chosen based on their creativity, quality, and impact on the industry. The ContentAsia Awards aims to bring integrity and focus to the content industry by delivering information about all aspects of content creation, production, distribution, and consumption in the Asian market. 
This year, BEC or Channel 3 won two awards:
- Best Director of a Scripted TV Programme is Ampaiporn Jitmaingong for “Bad Romeo”
- Best Original Song for an Asian TV Programme or Movie is I Still Miss You (ฉันยังคิดถึง) ¬¬– Ost. “Spirits of the Mekong River (ภูตแม่น้ำโขง)