10 August 2021

13 Years of Khao 3 Mitti

Khao 3 Mitti, one of the favorably popular news programs in Thailand, celebrated its 13th anniversary this August. Mr. Kitti Singhapat, the key anchor of the program, said ‘Khao 3 Mitti’ was launched on the 8th of August 2008, and it was the first night news program of Channel 3. ‘Khao 3 Mitti’ is a 30-minutes program that treats the concept of depth reporting and investigative news of the situations that are currently of interest to audiences.

The program is broadcasted on Channel 3 every night, M-F 22:30-23:00 and S-S 22:25-22:55. The program also can be watched live on Ch3Plus platform.