18 August 2021

Channel 3 got seven Award Nominations in ContentAsia Awards 2021

conteanasia award 2021.jpg

The coming CONTENTASIA AWARDS 2021 is hosted by Content Asia, the leading media that reports movement and in-depth news of Asian contents and celebrities both on prints and online platform. The total 21 Awards would be announced to honor the achievements of people working in entertainment and content business.

The Award Nominations for this year were completely announced, and there were seven categories that Channel 3 contents and celebrities were nominated to, which are:

1.    ‘Best Asian Drama Made for a Local Asian Market’, which is ‘To me, it’s simply you’ 
2.    ‘Best TV Format Adaptation (Scripted)’ which is ‘Eternal’
3.    ‘Best Male Lead in a TV Program’ who is ‘Pakorn Chatborirak’ from Eternal 
4.    ‘Best Female Lead in a TV Program’ who is Kimberley Anne Woltemas from The Unidentical Twins
5.    ‘Best Director of a Scripted TV Program’ who is ‘Ampaiporn Jitmaingong’  from Eternal
6.    ‘Best Asian Comedy Program’ is ‘My Mischievous Fiancée’
7.    And for ‘Best Made-in-Asia Original Song for a TV Series /Program or Movie’, Channel 3 got 2 nominees, which are ‘Please come back to me’ performed by Nont Tanont the OST of My Forever Sunshine and ‘#Saveme’ performed by Image Suthita, the OST of Eternal. Both songs were composed by Narongvit Techathanawat and Then Teerapak 

ContentAsia Awards 2021 FINAL ROUND will be announced on Friday the 27th of August 2021, 17:30 BKK time, and it will be live on  www.facebook.com/contentasia