30 May 2023

BEC World Joined Royal Thai Navy’s Social Project Supporting Youth in Southern Border Provinces

The Royal Thai Navy announced their great social project in their press conference of Ruam-Jai-Thai-Pen-Nueng (Thai Hearts Become One Project) that the Royal Thai Navy has continuously operated for 17 years. The project would bring together Buddhism and Muslim youths from the Southern border provinces to travel to Bangkok, so the students would have chances to learn about other local cultures in different communities, so that might shape their attitudes and become optimistic about people outside their neighbor communities. The alliances of the project are the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Central Islamic Council of Thailand, and BEC World Plc. (TV Channel 3).
Channel 3 welcomes the youth by opening house for site visit at its news studio, so that the youth could learn about news productions and how news people work.