BEC Studio Business is operated by BEC Studio, Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, to be complete contents producers, including TV Drama, Series, and Movie, with expectation to expand audience target both in and outbound and, likewise, to upgrade Thai entertainment business by using technology for production.

BEC Studio lays its upstream to downstream strategy from pre- to post-production, by developing both internal work process and increase talents, to upgrade content quality and increase the Company’s competitive capability for today to tomorrow. The Company also has purpose to upgrade Thai Contents to be able to proudly go globally. There are four parts of works.

1. Studio Management

We plan to develop studio, Sound Stages, for production that can overcome many limitations, e.g., capability to build any background & location and to reduce production cost, including ability to manage light & sound and also production time.

2. Creative & Script Writer Development

BEC Studio initiated ‘BEC Creator Program,’ a training project that the Company collaborated with twelve leading Thai universities with intentions to build new generation of storytellers for the industry and to recruit new talents to join the company. The first training class of 35 participants was in April 2022; we recruited them from more than 600 applications. The training program lasted 10 weeks and included both theory and practice with professional trainers in the career. The project would help the Company in developing new Script Writers for the business and exploring new way of storytelling that might be worth for future content creation.

3. Production Process

We continue to upskill production team to support both TV Contents and Original Contents and to support the increase of our own production demand in the future. In 2022, there totally were three drama series in process. The Company also has planned to business ally with new partners, to have coproduction with international studio, and to have contract production service for foreign OTT; therefore, the Company will even widen its contents’ market and will grow sustainable income. In addition, this work is also supporting Culturally Soft Power on Film aspect as the government policy.

4. Post-Production and CG

Development of the process included Postproduction and Virtual Art team, such as Editing, Color Grading, Computer Graphic, and Virtual Production team; these special techniques are created from end-to-end technological equipment.