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Message from Chairman of the Board

Dear Shareholders of BEC World Public Company Limited

The year of 2020 was another year that BEC World faced with challenging factors in the total television industry, both internal and external of organization, which are change resulting from the spread of Covid-19 situation. The Covid-19 situation caused worldwide economic recession, including Thailand’s economy and affected consumer’s behaviour as well as the organization’s business operation, in which the Company needed to adapt itself to accommodate the situation that was not propitious for business operation. The Board of Directors, executives and all employees of BEC World group were united to use their knowledge, skills, expertise and experiences in proactive business management, with versatility and flexibility to adjust operating plan, to create maximum benefit and efficiency. In addition, they have conducted proactive measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among the personnel, as well as preparing the business continuity plan, whereby the strict compliance to the provided policies resulted in satisfying outcome. In this regard, while the Company suffered loss in the 1Q to 2Q/2020, it had better operating result in the 3Q to 4Q/2020, profiting from increased revenue from sale of advertisement, global licensing and digital platform, as well as reducing operation cost and selling and administrative expenses.

Advertising revenue of BEC World in 2020 were Baht 4,758 million, decreased by 29% comparing to 2019, with revenue in the amount of Baht 6,743 million. Non-advertising decreased by 30% to Baht 1,103 million due to the lack of revenue from organizing concerts and shows in 2020. The decreased in revenue were resulted directly from the Covid-19 lock-down since all concerts and shows needed to be postponed or cancelled. In December 2020, BEC World Public Company (“BEC World group”, “the Company”) sold its investment in BEC-Tero Entertainment Public Company Limited, which was the sale of investment in subsidiary companies according to investment management plan of the Company. Therefore, BEC World removed the financial statement of the Tero group from preparing the consolidated financial statement from 8 December 2020 onwards. However, licensing and other services business under non-advertising revenue increased by 11%, most of which was from global licensing business and digital platform, generating more than Baht 400 million in each business.

Despite the decrease in overall revenue, the business continuity plan made the Company to be able to make profits. In this regard, the Company has gradually reduced cost, as well as made a difficult decision to downsize the organization due to analog television switch-off after the expiration of concession agreement. The reduced cost, in addition, resulted from the downsizing of other organisation, which operated constantly, reduction in production cost and instead broadcasted more of re-run drama series, and reduction of cost from the deferred digital television license fee according to Section 44 in the past year.

As a result, the Company’s net loss was decreased from 2019, with Baht 397 million net loss, to Baht 214 million in 2020, equal to 46% lower. Despite a loss in profit, BEC World’s financial position remains stable, generating cashflow from operations was 2,295 million Baht in 2020. Cash and cash equivalents as of December 31, 2020 was at 2,565 million Baht.

The business situation was not very smooth in the beginning of 2021 due to the new wave of Covid-19, which put pressure on the overall economic expansion, as well as risks from political situation. Tourism that generates main income for Thailand was still affected widely from the Covid-19 situation and may result in limitation of advertising spending in media industry during the beginning of the year 2021.

However, in 2021, the Company’s operation is still in line with the new strategy of BEC World which targets mainly to the customers and movement to new revenue and profit resources, with the Company’s vision “to be a content and entertainment business leader of Thailand”. The awareness of the Company that it is not only television operator in Thailand, the Board of Directors, executives, and employees aim to make BEC World to be the “lean organization” and make use of Ch3 creativity to deliver fresh contents to current users, and make use of technology to deliver effective innovations and media, outside Thailand’s territory, with strategic goals as follows:

  1. Maintaining the market share and expanding new audiences;
  2. Generating and distributing of new revenues; and
  3. Building financial stability

Moreover, in 2021, the Company aims to increase advertising revenue of BEC World, revenue from global licensing and revenue from digital platform, by 20% from 2020. It also aims to reduced cost gradually in accordance with operation plan, in order for the company to be able to make profit, and to ensure that BEC World will be able to achieve business goals sustainably with balance. The Board of Directors has then, determined the vision regarding sustainability, covering environmental, social and governance aspects, and driving operation in various aspects.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our shareholders, customers, agencies, partners, artists, directors, and employees for the ongoing support. We are committed to perform our duties to create maximum benefit to all group of shareholders and stakeholders with fairness, as well as take care of environment, society and community to sustainably grow together with the Company and make BEC World to become “Thailand’s leading content & entertainment platform” to building a solid foundation for the company to find new sources of revenue and profitability.

Mr. Somchai Boonnamsiri

(The Chairman of the Board of Directors)

Mr. Surin Krittayaphongphun

(president of TV Business)

Organization Chart