26 April 2024

Channel 3 uplifted its offers beyond contents with music and series Y fan meeting

BEC World or Channel 3 offered both new music and the fan meeting to entertain its fans. For the music, it launched a new single of Kaykai’ Nutticha Namwong, a fresh Channel 3 celebrity, Korjong Pee Waikon (I reserve you for myself) and a fan meet. The song was released not long ago. It became a hit in a short period with lyrics that are easy to listen to, the song received over 2 million views within 2 weeks. You can watch the official MV on YouTube : Ch3Thailand Music and Application 3Plus or www.ch3plus.com and streaming platforms.

To excite all the fans for Boys Love series. "To Be Continued” that has been talked about the most. Also received an overwhelming response from fans both in Thailand and and out of Thailand. The two lead roles “Junior-Kajbundit Jaidee” and “Fluke-Pongsapat Kankham” along with Franky-Weerapat Onsa-ard, Ban-Nakhun Rojanai invite fans to meet together  a fan meeting. Come and get this experience at the event and to watch exclusive shows and more surprises. The event is on Sunday 28 April 2024 at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin.

To be Continued Fan meet - Poster w1800xh1800px_0.jpg