22 August 2022

Channel 3 Programs won 'Manee Mekhala Awards 2022'

The 3rd Manee Mekhala event, hosted by the Association Correspondent Entertainment of Thai, was held on the Saturday 20th of August 2022. Channel 3 programs won 11 award categories as follows:

1. Channel 3 received an award in the category of "Outstanding Creative Media and Organization"
2. 'Dare to Love' by Chonlumphi Productions Co., Ltd. won Outstanding Television Series
3. 'Bella Ranee Kampen' from "Dare to Love" won Outstanding Actress in a Romantic Comedy
4. 'James Jirayu Tangsrisuk' from “Karat Ruk” received Best Actor in a Romantic Drama
5. 'Ann Thongprasom' from “Karat Ruk” received Best Actress in a Romantic Drama
6. 'Kongthap Peak' from “Dare to Love” won Rising Star Male Popular Vote
7. 'Patchanee Jaruchinda' from Step Power Three Co., Ltd. and the producer of “My Sassy Psychic” won Outstanding Producer of Romantic Fantasy Drama
8. 'Ranida Techasith' from “My Sassy Psychic” received Outstanding Creative Actor
9. 'Kanchai Kamnerdploy' won Outstanding Male Anchor
10. 'Chanisha Pimthong', from “See San Bantherng” received Rising Star Female TV Host
11. 'Thaninwat Pattanavirakhun' from “360 Degree TV” won Outstanding Environmental Conservation TV Host