11 April 2024

Launch "Duangjai Devaprom" LINE Stickers for Fans

BEC World or Channel 3 launched a set of LINE strickers from the hot drama series "Duangjai Devaprom" to serve their fans so they can use when chatting with friends on LINE application. The LINE Sticker "Duangjai Devaprom" covers all 5 series, which are "Laorchan" led By Gulf-Kanawut and Gina-Yeena, "Kwanruetai" led by Mikey-Panitan and Yada-Narilya, "Jaipisut" led by Tate-Myron and Oom-Eisaya, "Duj upsorn" is led by Kongthap Peak and Mint-Ranchrawee, and "Poncheewan" led by Kao-Noppakao and PP-Punpreedee. 

For those who are interested, they can fownload “Duangjai Devaprom” sticker via LINE STORE or Sticker Shop.