04 April 2024

Kaykai First Single Embraced Excellent Feedback

‘Kaykai’ Nutticha Namwong, a freshly Channel 3 celebrity, presented her own single with BEC Music, Korjong Pee Waikon (I reserve you for myself). The music video highly received views since first day of the launch, her fans talked highly about Kaykai and her MV, until it became a social media trend.

The song, Korjong Pee Waikon (I reserve you for myself), is a pop and easy-listening music, and it is featuring Ponchet, a hip hop performer, for the rapping part. The executive producers are Lipta and Kan Chalie. Interestingly, the MV director is Tongtae, a famous film director.

Kaykai MV2.jpg

You can watch the official MV on YouTube : Ch3Thailand Music และ Application 3Plus หรือ www.ch3plus.com and Streaming Platforms 

Kaykai MV.jpg