25 March 2024

Merchandising, a New Marketing Tool of BEC for Winning Drama Popularity and Income

BEC World of Channel 3 announced a new marketing approach by launching drama merchandising. They launched a set of perfume, called the Scent of Devaprom Collection, that are originated by the ‘Duangjai Devaprom’, the upcoming drama set. The idea and the scent of the perfume is created from the ‘highlight & story’ of each drama title, with the expectation to connect the drama with the audiences and to generate new income for the drama. 

Ms. Piyawadee Maleenont, Assistant Chief of Operation Officer, BEC World Plc., who launched the perfume set, as the first set of content merchandising, mentioned that “The perfume is a Merchandising Marketing campaign that was a combination of Creativity and Commercial that spined off from the Duangjai Devaprom drama set. There are five unique scents from the five dramas title under the Devaprom universe. The product used the company assets, Drama fame, to produce a significantly practical product that can promote the content and, at the same time, can generate new income to the company.”

The products are now available for preorder on C3 shop in Lazada, and it will be ready for purchase on the first of April.