29 February 2024

Channel 3 and M Studio Collaborate to Expand Thai Film to Feed Thai and Global Fans

With the exciting growth of Thai Film in 2023 and the huge success of Teeyod, which is the film from the collaboration of Channel 3 and M Studio, the two giant content creators announced the continuity of their joint venture to produce Thai Films with confidences to serve more fans both in Thailand and international markets. The upcoming are Teeyod 2 and Mana Man. Ms. Tracey Anne Maleenont, Director and Assistant Group Chief Operating Officer, BEC World Public Company Limited, or Channel 3, and Mr. Surachet Asawaruangnan, CEO of M Studio, a subsidiary of Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited, joined a press conference to announce the collaboration.

“BEC World or Channel 3, we have been committed to be a leader Entertainment Platform and be in the lead as Content Creators for different screens. Our strategy, which is ‘Single Content Multiple Platforms’ means we are making one content that is not for TV screen only but extending the content to other screens or platforms. Our strength is the long experience of producing contents, including our well-experienced teams and popular celebrities both locally and internationally. These will enable Channel 3 to expand to all potential business-like which are drama series, music, and movies. When the strength of M Studio is also the experience in film production and great network of theaters in Thailand; all experiences will allow us to be successful in film business.” said Ms. Tracey.

“Thai film industry has been budding in the past year, especially in the last quarter of 2023, and its growth has been very prominent. The number of Thai films’ watching increased visibly, and its was the first time that size of audience spending in Thai films (55%) was higher than Hollywood movies’ (45%).  The key three Thai films in the fourth quarter of 2023 made more than one billion Bht. on box office revenue or 10 million tickets all over Thailand. Teeyod was one of the three, which could generate more than 500 million Bht. across the country. The success of the Teeyod also included numbers of new stat records, which are the Highest First Day Revenue of 2023 (made 39 M Bht. on the first day), the Fastest First 100 M Bht. (made 100 million Bht. revenue it in three days), the First Thai Film ever to premiere on IMAX DMR, and number of audiences on the premier was higher than any of 2023 Hollywood films. When M Studio continued to expand Thai films to global, Teeyod is the first film that could make highest revenue in many counties, for instance Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Teeyod made more than 100 M Bht. in inter markets, which are 20 counties now.” Surachet mentioned about the collaboration.