21 December 2023

Mario Meet & Greet with Cambodian Fans

5-Meet _ Greet 2023_0.jpg
PNN TV is a leading television station in Cambodia. It is a prominent media and entertainment company in Cambodia. PNN TV offers a wide range of programming, including news, entertainment, drama series, documentaries, and sports coverage, including Channel 3 TV series which is one of the successful contents on PNN TV.

Mario Maurer, one of Channel 3 superstars, visited Cambodia to join the event ‘Thai Star Meet & Greet 2023’, hosted by PNN TV, and the event was for its fans. The meet & greet event was at Chip Mong 217 Mega Mall at Phnom Penh. Mario has been popular among Cambodian fans for years, and this is the third trip for this kind of event in Cambodia. Mario popularity among Cambodian fan has been high currently, due to the two series in 2023, which are the Bad Romeo that just was recently on air and the Royal Doctor that is on air in Cambodia now, Monday to Thursday, and both titles have Mario as the lead actor.