22 November 2023

BEC Announced Celeb Schedule for Signing Autographs on 2024 BEC Calendar


BEC (Channel 3) issues its celebrities’ calendars every new year, and the calendar has widely been desirous from audiences especially Channel 3 fans. Most Channel 3 celebrities will appear on the calendar, and this year the calendar came with the theme ‘Brightness, Happiness, and Friendship’. One of the events that the audiences look forward to is Signing Autographs on the calendar by celebs appearing on the calendar.

Channel 3 announces the 5-day event, started from 29th of November to 3rd of December, at Maleenont Tower Rama 4 and Big C stores. The event at Maleenont Tower is on 29 Nov, 30 Nov, and 1 Dec, totally three days, with approximately 800 packs perday. The event at two stores of Big C which are Big C Rama 4 on the 2nd of Dec. and Big C Aom Yai on the 3rd of December.