08 November 2023

Channel 3 Collabs Seacon Square by Forming ‘Love Destiny 2’ Flea Market

Channel 3 or BEC set up a local flea market event with Seacon Square, the biggest Shopping Center on Srinakarin Road, in the center hall of the building. The design and them of the flea market reflected the same mood and tone of Ayuthaya era that is the same period  of time in Love Destiny 2. 
Seacon Square mocked important Ayuthaya destinations from the Love Destiny 2 to fit into the event hall, for instance Ayuthaya temples, drum tower, house of Ayuthaya nobilities, and more. There was also exhibition booth that showed clothes and costume from the series and exhibition of Thailand’s history, especially during Ayuthaya time, which is the same moment of Love Destiny 2. 
The vendors in the flea market also dressed Thai traditional outfits to sell authentic Thai food, Thai dress, and accessories. The event encouraged customers to participate by dressing Thai so they all can line up with the event theme.
On stage, the characters of the Love Destiny 2 will appear to surprise the fan everyday thru the event. Those celebrities were warmly welcome by the fans. 
The activity was significantly successful. It drew customers to Seacon Square and made the store remarkably busy during the event, while the series received highly talk about on both offline and online media. The high talk about helped to drive interest and make Love Destiny 2 even more popular.

The event was from 26th October to 5th November 2023.