30 May 2023

BEC Studio Accomplished the 2nd Year of BEC Creator Program Shining New Blood Script Writers for Thai Entertainment Industry


BEC Studio, a subsidiary of BEC World Plc., ran a special training called BEC Creators Year 2 to find new script writers who wanted to increase writing capability to attend the coaching program. They will be learning effective technique for writing a script through the 7-day course, during 15-23 May 2023. There were twenty-four new script writers attending the class this year. Especially, BEC Studio had alliance with Kakao Webtoon, the biggest cartoon platform from Korea, to even complete the course.
The course  targeted people who had interest in writing Script but still would like to fulfill writing skills, which were about creating story plots and skill to increase their stories’ charisma. The participants also had chances to present their own story in the class, and they would receive comments from professional script writers whose comments can use for skill improvement. Also, scripts from participants may be picked for a real drama production.