Mr. Chansak Fuangfu

Mr. Chansak Fuangfu

Independent Director


71 years

Being appointed as director on

7th May 2010


  • Master of Business Management (M.B.M.), Asian Institute of Management, Phillippines
  • B.Sc. (Economic) with Honours, Thammasat University, Thailand

Training Program

Courses organized by The Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
  • Advanced Management Program [AMP], Harvard Business School, United, 2000
  • Certificate of Directors Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 9/2004
  • Diploma of National Defence Course for the Joint State Class 399
  • Diploma of the Rule of Law for Democracy Course, College of Constitutional Court (Class 5)

The Company's securities ownership (%)


Family Relationship


Working Experience for the past five years (as of 31 st December 2020)

2010 - Present Independent Director, BEC World Plc.
Dec 2011 - Present Executive Vice President, Bangkok Bank Plc.
2018 - 27 Jan 2021 Chairman of the Board of Directors, BEC-Tero Entertainment Plc.
2003 - 27 Jan 2021 Independent Director, BEC-Tero Entertainment Plc.
1991 - May 2016 Director, Hi-Tech Nittsu (Thailand)
1988 - Sep 2016 Director, Thai Industrial Estate Co., Ltd.
Apr 2006 - Feb 2015 Director, Wave Entertainment Plc.

Position holding in other businesses or organizations in the past year

Listed Companies
Present Director, Executive Vice President, Bangkok Bank Plc.
Non-Listed Companies
1994 - Present Independent Director, Teijin Polyester Co., Ltd.