Ms. Nipa Maleenont

Authorized Director,
Non-Executive Director


69 years

Being appointed as director on

23rd November 1995


  • Bachelor Degree in Commercial and Accounting, Thammasat University

Training Program

Courses organized by The Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
  • Certificate of Directors Accreditation Program (DAP), 2004

The Company's securities ownership (%)

During 2020, there was change in share ownership by holding additional share at 22,666,700 or 1.03%

Family Relationship

Member of Maleenont Family, being sibling of Mr. Prachum Maleenont, Ms. Ratana Maleenont, Ms. Amphorn Maleenont and Mrs. Ratchanee Nipatakusol, and aunt of Mr. Tospol Maleenont
Working Experience for the past five years (as of 31 st December 2020)
1995 - Present Director, Authorized Director, and Executive Director, BEC World Plc.
1985 - Present Director, Authorized Director, and Executive Director, Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Present Director and Authorized Director, 10 subsidiaries of BEC World Group

Position holding in other businesses or organizations in the past year

Listed Companies
  • None
Non-Listed Companies
  • Authorized Director, Maleenont Asset Co., Ltd. / Property Management Business
  • Authorized Director, Maleenont Tower Co., Ltd. / Non-Residential Buildings Management Business
  • Authorized Director, Muang Thong Construction Co., Ltd. / Construction Business