19 March 1997


BEC World Plc. declared the resolutions made by board of directors' meeting No.3/1997 held on March 18, 1997 as follows: 1. To hold the 1997ordinary general meeting of shareholders on April 29, 1997 at 3:00 pm. at Pimanman Room, Regent Hotel, 155 Rajprasong Rd., Lumpini, Pratumwan, Bkk. The agenda is as follows: 1.1 certify the minutes made by shareholders' ordinary meeting as of 1996 1.2 The board reports on 1996 performance 1.3 approve balance sheet and profit/loss profit ended Dec 31, 1996 1.4 approve profit allocation and dividend payment 1.5 appoint directors replacing those whose terms were terminated and set their bonus 1.6 select auditor and set auditing fee 2.To approve dividend payment at Bt5.42 per share and propose to shareholders' meeting to approve next 3.To close the registration book from noon April 9, 1997 until the end of the meeting.