26 July 2001


July 25, 2001 To: The President, Stock Exchange of Thailand Re: Uses of the IPO proceeds report - up to June 30, 2001 Since the company had offered its additional 20 million shares to general public at Baht 142 per share and subsequently was accepted by SET as a listed company and began trading of the company's share on July 18, 1996 thus the company is reporting progress of the uses of IPO proceeds according to the objectives as described in our prospectus up to June 30, 2001 as follows:- 1. The improvement of broadcasting equipment - approximately Baht 400 million.: This investment is in fact a continuous process to ensure our viewers' satisfaction, which will improve our rating and create opportunity for us to enhance our revenue. However, as the company did spend quite a lot on the improvement in 1995 while waiting for the approval of our IPO, thus the time to spend the total budget on this investment is extended. Subsequent to our IPO, this investment made during the years 1996 up to 2000 was amounting to Baht 383.9 million. Within the first half of this year an addition of Baht 30.4 million was paid. Thus the accumulated investment on this project is Baht 414.3 million. 2. The construction of a 350-metre antenna - approximately Baht 700 million.: As the company canceled its Rama 9 property development plan, as previously advised (by letter dated November 13, 1996), thus this investment was put on hold and is being reviewed whether it will still be invested. The company has not yet spent any on this project. 3. Repayment of loans - approximately Baht 1,000 million.: The company has already made full repayment of all its loans (Baht 945 million) as reported in the first uses of the IPO proceeds report. 4. To fund the working capital requirements - approximately Baht 740 million.: The Baht740 million from our IPO proceeds has already been used as the company's working capital as well as the unused portion left from objectives nos. 1,2 and 3. They all are parts of our working capital. Therefore, the company has completely fulfilled its objectives on the uses of IPO proceeds as described in our prospectus wherever appropriated. Thus this is the final report on the captioned subject. Please be informed accordingly. Yours faithfully, BEC World Public Company Limited Chatchai Thiamtong Vice President - Finance