15 May 2000


May 15, 2000 To : President Stock Exchange of Thailand Re : Notice of the changes of the Company's accounting policies. We, BEC World Public Company Limited and all of our subsidiaries, have changed the way we amortize the costs of "Plays Charges" which normally are amortized after being acquired by the straight-line method without any change through out its useful life in 5 years. The changes are effective as from the accounting year 2000 started January 01, 2000 and the new policies are as follows. The "Play Charges" are amortized after being acquired by the straight-line method in 5 years and starting from the year 2000, the "Play Charges" will be written down to twenty percent (20%) of the original costs immediately after the first show of the play is finished then will continue to be amortized by the straight-line method in 5 years. We believe that the new policies are more appropriate. This will also help prevent the overstatement of our library and facilitate a better comparison of the company's financial position and its results with those of the companies who adopt International Accounting Standards. These changes of accounting policies will push our "cost of sales" up higher than that under the previous policies as the amortization of the "Play Charges" is accelerated. However our cash-flow will be improved by the saving of the corporate income tax caused by the increased "cost of sales". Please be informed accordingly. Sincerely Yours, BEC World Public Company Limited (Mr.Chatchai Thiamtong) Vice President - Finance