21 December 1999


December 21,1999 To : President Stock Exchange of Thailand Re : Setting up of the Audit Committee. Enclosures :1.Form for report on names of members and scope of performance of the Audit Committee (Form F24-1). 2.Certificates and Resume of each of the Audit Committees members (Form 24-2). 3.Report on holding of the companys share by the new director. This is to inform that our board of directors has the following resolutions during its 7th/1999 meeting held on December 21,1999. 1.Acknowledged the resignation from the board of Mr.DANAI SRIYABHAI, and resolved to appoint Mr.MANIT BOONPRAKOB as a new director of the company, as his replacement. 2.Resolved to set up the Audit Committee comprising of 3 directors as follows:- 1.Mr.ARUN NGAMDEE as Chairman of the Audit Committee, 2.Mr.PRATHAN RANGSIMAPORN as Member of the Audit Committee, 3.Mr.MANIT BOONPRAKOB as Member of the Audit Committee, and also set the scope of duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee as per the details described in the enclosed form F24-1. Please be informed accordingly. Sincerely Yours, (Chatchai Thiamtong) Vice President - Finance F24-1 Form for Report on Names of Members and Scope of Performance of the Audit Committee The board of directors meeting of BEC WORLD PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED No.7/1999 held on 21st December 1999 passed a resolution appointing the Audit Committee with the following details: 1.Names of members of the Audit Committee are as follows : 1.Chairman of the Audit Committee Mr.ARUN NGAMDEE 2.Member of the Audit Committee Mr.PRATHAN RUNGSIMAPORN 3.Member of the Audit Committee Mr.MANIT BOONPRAKOB Secretary to the Audit Committee Mr.CHATCHAI THIAMTONG Certificates and Resumes of 3 members of the Audit Committee are attached hereto. 2.The Audit Committee of the Company has the scope of duties and responsibilities, and shall report to the Companys board of directors as follows: 1.To review the credibility and the sufficiency of the companys financial reports. 2.To review the adequacy and the effectiveness of the companys internal audit and internal control system. 3.To review the compliance of the company with the Securities and Exchange Acts, the Regulation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand,and any relevant laws. 4.To recommend on the appointment and the fee of the companys external auditors. 5.To consider the credibility and the sufficiency of the companys disclosure of all the connected transactions as well as the transactions that might have any conflict-of-interests. 6.To take care of any other matters assigned to it by the board of directors. 7.To report the activities of the Audit Committee in the companys annual report. 3.Terms for holding office : 3.1 Chairman of the Audit Committee 3 years. 3.2 Members of the Audit Committee 3 years. (Including the additional appointment to and removal from the Audit Committee) The Company hereby certifies that the aforementioned members meet all the qualifications rescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Signed __________________________ Director ( Mr.Prasan Maleenont ) (Seal) Signed __________________________ Director ( Ms.Ratana Maleenont )