30 April 1999


April 29, 1999 To : President The Stock Exchange of Thailand Re : Reports on shareholders' resolutions The 1999 annual ordinary general meeting of shareholders of BEC World Plc. was held on April 29, 1999 and the following resolutions were made during the meeting: 1) Certified the minutes of the 1998 annual ordinary general meeting of shareholders. 2) Acknowledged the Board of Directors' reports on the Company's operation during the year 1998. 3) Approved the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement of the Company for the year ended December 31,1998. 4) Approved the profit appropriation and the declaration of dividend as follows: appropriated as dividend for 200 million ordinary shares at Baht 6.50 per share which equal to 99% of the annual net profit, payable to shareholders as listed on the share register book as of April 9, 1999 at 12:00 hours, amounting to Baht 1,300,000,000 and this dividend payment is to be made on May 11, 1999. carry forward as unappropriated retained earnings Baht 1,378,209,224. 5) Re-appointed Mr.Vichai Maleenont, Mr.Prasan Maleenont,Mr.Pravit Maleenont and Ms.Ratana Maleenont whose tenure has just ended, back as director of the Company for another term, and approved the remuneration of directors for the year 1999 as follows: a) Meeting allowance of Baht 8,000 per each meeting for the Chairman of the Board and Baht 4,000 per each meeting for each other directors. b) Bonus of Baht 12 million for all the directors during the year 1999, to be appropriated among them by the Board. 6) Re-appointed Dr.Virach Apimetheethamrong, Certified Public Accountant License No. 1378 and/or Mr.Chaikorn Unpitipongsa, Certified Public Accountant License No. 3196 of Dr.Virach & Associates Office, as the Company's auditor for the year 1999, and empowered executive director to negotiate with the auditor for fixing of audit fee for the year 1999 as appropriate. Please be informed accordingly. Yours faithfully, (Mr. Chatchai Thiamtong) Vice President - Finance