27 May 1998


May 27, 1998 To : President Stock Exchange of Thailand Re : Submission of financial statements for the 1st quarter of 1998 and explanation on the difference over 20 per cent from the same period last year. Enclosures : Financial statements for the 1st quarter of 1998 We are sending you herewith the enclosed financial statement of the Company and the consolidated statement of the group for the 1st quarter of 1998 ended 31st March, 1998. The operating result of the group for this 1st quarter of 1998 even was a profit of over Baht 370 millions, but however was lower than that of the same period last year over 30 percent. That is because of the big drop of our advertising air-time sales in both television and radios which we have experienced since the later part of the 3rd quarter last year, as a result of the changes of economic conditions since then. Even our other income increased but that does not suffice when compared with the drop of advertising air-time sales while the operating costs were slightly increased, thus the net profit declined from the same period last year over 30 per cent. The afore- mentioned reasons apply for both the result of the Company as well as the consolidated result of the group. Please be informed accordingly. Sincerely Yours, (Chatchai Thiamtong) Vice President - Finance