Board of Directors

Mr. Prachum Maleenont

Director, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Executive Committee


  • B.B.A. (Marketing), Assumption University
  • Certificate of Directors Accreditation Program (DAP), 2004 (IOD)

The Company’s securities ownership (%)

As of 22 June 2018, 3.55% held by Mr. Prachum Maleenont, 2.55% held by sui juris child

Working Experience for the past five years (as of 18 April 2019)

APR 2019 - Present Chairman of the Executive Committee
MAR 2017 - APR 2019 Group Chief Executive Officer “G-CEO”
FEB 2017 - Present Vice - Chairman of the Board, BEC WORLD Plc.
JUL 2017 - Present Managing Director of Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd.
1995 - Present Director, Executive Director - New Media Business and of BEC World Plc.
1985 - Present Director, Executive Director of The Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd.
2002 - JAN 2018 Director, Authorized Director and Executive Director of BEC-TERO Entertainment Plc.
Present Director and Authorized Director of 13 subsidiaries of BEC Group