Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


With a proven track record years of delivering quality news, information and entertainment to viewers, BEC Group will continue to produce, to procure and to develop quality and socially valuable programs for viewers nationwide, as well as for Thai society, in line with its corporate vision of “Be the market leader in and the best provider of production and presentation of the highest quality news, information and entertainment programming.” In addition, we will continue to move our business forward with social responsibility and on the foundation of good corporate governance principles in terms of economic, social and environmental dimensions by taking into account material issues and the diverse expectations of all nine stakeholder groups which include shareholders, executives and employees, directors / producers / actors / actresses, customers, creditors, entrepreneurs of the same business type, mass media, government sector/regulator/charities, community and society, so they can feel that they can rely on Channel 3.

The Concerns of BEC Group and Our Stakeholders in 3 dimensions are as following:


  1. Generating revenue to the organization and maintain the market share.
  2. Being the leader in production and presentation of news, information and entertainment.
  3. Increasing sources of income, continuously expanding markets for business and creating business opportunities at the regional and global level, seeking new domestic and international market, collaborating with partners to sell TV drama copyrights, shop copyrights and marketing activities by focusing on the strengths of quality TV dramas as well as popular actors among Thai and international fans.
  4. Adjusting business strategies from focusing only on TV business to content platform service. We still emphasize our TV drama as highlights as Channel 3 has been the leader in TV drama in Thailand decades.
  5. Adjusting the way to generate income from traditional media to new media by creating online business, rebranding Mello Platform to CH3+ (CH3 Plus) which includes all program viewing channels of BEC Group in one platform to facilitate viewers. We also collaborate with partners who own large platforms such as YouTube or LINE TV as well as new OTTs which have been approaching Thai market.
  6. Creating new business model by collaborating with partners in co-production in the form of outsourcing production or co-investment as well as using intellectual property (IP), especially popular TV dramas, to generate corporate income domestically and internationally.
  7. Determining anti-corruption policy as the guidelines for sustainable business operation as follows:
    • Signing the Memorandum of Cooperation and Collective Action made between National Anti-Corruption Commission, organizations, associations, foundations, communication agencies, and entertainment industry sector to build zero tolerance society (2018-2020) and collaborating in promotion and raising Thai people’s awareness of anti-corruption.
    • Preparing the draft of anti-corruption policy (revision), funding policy, political support policy, charitable donation policy, gift-giving policy, entertainment policy, and other expenses, as well as complaint and suggestion management policy to emphasize that the Company realizes the importance of transparency and anti-corruption.


  1. Presenting moral and ethical programs for social benefit while providing entertainment to viewers through a variety of corporate communication channels.
  2. Maintaining Buddhist activities by presenting the programs on codes of moral and ethics, as well as promoting Buddhism-promoting activities both in and outside the organization.
  3. Giving importance to children, adolescences, education, and sports by producing, sourcing, and presenting the programs about children, adolescences, education, and sports, conducting social activities targeting children and adolescences, as well as encouraging employees to participate in sport activities for health and relationship building.
  4. Creating new program schedules including news programs, variety shows and TV dramas. The news programs have been the first to be adjusted. This include adjustment of news sourcing and reporting strategies to make them more detailed and clearer. Infographics have been used to make the content understandable under the slogan “Truth, Fast, Dependency” for the utmost benefit of Thai society.
  5. Based on the slogan “Truth, Fast, Dependency”, BEC Group has conducted the news programs by focusing on finding the truth behind the news for viewers to rest assured that they will be presented with factual information, especially breaking news and news which are important to Thai society. Our team will conduct a field survey to hear problems and voice people’s concerns as well as making live reports. In making news reports, BEC Group “is not only a reporter, but we are fully aware of social and public responsibility”.
  6. Reporting news during natural disasters to ensure that the real-time situations are reported to the public, and we also coordinate proper and timely assistance. For instance, in reporting flood incident in the Northeast which was caused by Storm Podul in September 2019, we coordinated assistance from many sectors to the local victims both during the crisis and restoration period. This operation was in conformity to the slogan “Dependency”.
  7. Producing programs such as “Lawyer’s Clinic” to provide assistance and mitigate hardship of people who encounter legal problems. We have also opened “Lawyer’s Clinic Room” at Maleenont Tower as the center for complaint management and legal consultations to the general public.
  8. Presenting news and embedding the notion of anti-corruption and human rights in the TV programs/dramas such as “Neung Dao Fah Deaw”, “Krong Kam”, “Luang Ta Maha Chon”, “Lom Phrai Pook Rak”, “Khao Wan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub”, and so on, to raise viewers’ awareness of anti-corruption. In addition, employees are encouraged to understand the principles and practices indicated in BEC Group Code of Conduct to ensure compliance with the law and ethics. Furthermore, Working Group on Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) has been formed.
  9. Determining “Human Rights” in BEC Group Code of Conduct, Clause 13. “Comply with the Company’s policy which supports and respects human rights and conduct business under the principles and the purposes stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the scope of corporate powers and not involve in any actions which are against the human rights”.
  10. Treating the personnel in accordance with labor and human rights standards in terms of employment, training, provision of compensation and welfare, position holding, giving employees opportunities to express their work potentials, and fair performance assessment, as well as promoting employees who dedicate themselves to public interest.
  11. Encouraging news report on individuals or entities having merits and dedicating themselves to the society as a whole without any involvement in corruption, not collaborating or supporting any persons or organizations performing any acts which are against the law, the public order and the national security.
  12. Supporting professional funds for person with disabilities within its community in lieu of sending contributions to Fund for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and employment of person with disabilities.


  1. Reporting news and sharing knowledge of energy, natural resources and environmental conservation at both micro- and macro-level through the corporate TV programs and activities.
  2. Raising awareness of all stakeholders, including the personnel, to have positive attitudes and take actions in environmental conservation, efficient consumption of energy and natural resources by continuously arranging environmentally responsible activities throughout the year.
  3. Creating inspirations or new ideas about energy, natural resources and environmental conservation through the corporate TV programs or projects/activities.
  4. Conducting projects/activities to promote, support and foster energy, natural resources and environmental conservation both in and outside the organization, as well as attending projects/activities held by government and private sector having similar ideas about environmental conservation as the organization.