Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


With a proven track record years of delivering quality news, information and entertainment to viewers, BEC Group will continue to produce, to procure and to develop quality and socially valuable programs for viewers nationwide, as well as for Thai society, in line with its corporate vision of “Be the market leader in and the best provider of production and presentation of the highest quality news, information and entertainment programming.” In addition, we will continue to move our business forward with social responsibility and on the foundation of good corporate governance principles in terms of economic, social and environmental dimensions by taking into account material issues and the diverse expectations of all nine stakeholder groups which include shareholders, executives and employees, directors / producers / actors / actresses, customers, creditors, entrepreneurs of the same business type, mass media, government sector/regulator/charities, community and society, so they can feel that they can rely on Channel 3.

The Concerns of BEC Group and Our Stakeholders in 3 dimensions are as following:


  1. Generate income for the organization and protect its market share.
  2. Be the market leadership and the best provider of News, Information and Entertainment Programs.
  3. Enable business to prosper sustainably, including expanding business toward regional and global levels to satisfy the needs of every stakeholder group by establishing relationships with foreign business alliances starting from CLMV countries to further expand cooperation in terms of content and activities.
  4. Provide, produce and present new TV programs to satisfy different consumer needs and to increase our viewers’ base
  5. Seek new business channels and promote New Media development to address viewers’ behavior through Digital Platforms such as:
    • Channel 3 Live where viewers can view the program live as same as television
    • Website: and Application Mello which acts as alternative platform for new gen viewers by enabling them to view current programs that are on-air or rerun and watch exclusive program for Mello with HD quality
    • Website: that viewers can watch Live and rerun program, and to follow all news about Channel 3 and the celebrities they love
    • YouTube and Line TV for viewing rerun programs
  6. Restructuring its organization that will enable competitiveness of the company and generating higher income.
  7. Ensure constant benefits to all shareholders.


  1. Present TV programs that reflect current social values and support good moralilties throughout the company’s communication channels.
  2. Promote Buddhism by providing content related to the Buddha’s teachings and morals, and support of Buddhism related activities within and outside of the organization.
  3. Emphasize the importance of children, youth, education and sports by producing, providing and presenting TV programs that are good for children, youth, education and sports, especially on Channel 13 Family which mainly focuses on these target groups.
  4. Present news content and programs which are useful for development of communities and society that help to raise people’s income and to improve quality of life.
  5. Provide content which helps to promote the fight against corruption and the support to human rights to raise awareness of the issues among Thai society
  6. Treat their employees in accordance with labor and human rights standards, improve their knowledge, capabilities and skills, provide opportunities for employees to demonstrate their competency for their career development
  7. Encourage employee to volunteer to do good deeds for communities and society


  1. Provide content and knowledge which are related to energy saving, natural resources & environmental conservation at both internal and national level throughout various TV programs.
  2. Create awareness on environmental conservation among the stakeholders and internal parties, and encourage them to use energy and natural resources effectively.
  3. Arrange projects/activities to support energy saving, natural resources & environmental conservation, which includes attending related environmental projects launched by either the government or private sectors having a similar concept on environmental conservation as the company.