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Thailand’s leading content and entertainment platform


Rebuild BECW to become a forward-thinking and lean organization, Leveraging CH3 creative DNA to deliver fresh and engaging content for today’s users, And technology to deliver innovative and effective media, across all screens, beyond Thailand


  • To be the market leader and the best provider in business of production, program sourcing and presentation of the highest quality news, information and entertainment programs. To programs be widely accepted in society to have the highest proportion of market shares.
  • To expand business and to create opportunities in order to continuously and perpetually operate business.
  • To broaden business in all aspects in order to provide the best service to all viewers and business partners in wider and deeper aspects and to create all-round, consistent and solid relationship.
  • To create opportunities to efficiently use our existing resources.
  • To create more work satisfaction to our personnel in order to attract, induce, improve and maintain more talented persons to work with us longer.
  • To continuously and perpetually create high profits to the shareholders.


In response to the increasing competition after the introduction of Digital Terrestrial TV (DTTV) and the changes in advertising environment in the Digital Disruption era. The Company has a strategic direction on building and maintaining a sustainable business with competitive edge.

Nature of Business


Being a leader in our service industry persistently and also reach all viewers, having a good and stable relationship. We also intend to efficiently use our existing resources and create work satisfaction for all customers. In addition, we put all our effort to provide the best services to our business partners and provide good benefits for all stakeholders.

We are anticipating the growth of advertising expenditure in this year. In any event, we still committed to expand this business which is our expertise to create a stable and sustainable business growth.

(Mr.Somchai Boonnamsiri)

Chairman of the board

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Company Subsidiary

As of 31 December 2017, comprises of BEC World Plc.,
the parent company; 21 subsidiary companies and
3 associated companies