TV Broadcasting

Broadcasting in Digital Terrestrial TV ("DTTV"), National Business Service category, by BEC Multimedia Company Limited (“BECM”), a subsidiary company of BEC World Plc. BECM won an auction for 3 Licenses from National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (“NBTC”), which were (1) High-Definition Variety Category on channel 33, (2) Standard-Definition Variety Category on channel 28" and (3) Standard-Definition for Kids and Family Category on channel 13. However, the NBTC later issued a policy, based on the command of National Council for Peace and Order, that gave opportunity for the current DTTV operators to return licenses. BECM submitted intention to return two channels to NBTC, which were Channel 13 and 28. After the approval, both channels were switched off at end of September 2019.

The Analog Terrestrial TV, Channel 3 MCOT, that Bangkok Entertainment Company Limited (“BEC”), a subsidiary of BEC World, has been operating under the concession contract between BEC and MCOT Plc., was operated until end of the contract, which was on 25 March 2020, 24:00. Therefore, since 26 March 2020, BEC World continues to digitally broadcast its programs on Channel 33 and its online platform.

We also are operating producing, sourcing, and distributing news, entertainment programs, documentary for broadcasting on our platforms, and we are also selling copyright to broadcast in many countries (Global Licensing).